• Irish Smile – 1969 An Irish woman’s smile fetches a pause in the Cold War on the night that men first walked on the moon. [Selected by Lee McCaslin for his hardcover anthology Secrets of the Cold War.]
  • Fourth of July – 1969 As American as apple pie, the holiday took on a new aspect when clerks, cooks, interpreters and mechanics were rounded up to fill out a force stretched thin by the Vietnam War.
  • Clothes Make the Man? Have you ever noticed how people react to the way you dress? In Germany, as anywhere, there were people who jumped to surprising conclusions based on first impressions.
  • Unruhige Zeiten – Troubled Times – 1969-72 Beneath the surface of our daily lives, the post-World War II era was ending and new forces were emerging.
  • Nissman Debuts – 1970 Berlin is famous for the good music that it has enjoyed in bad times.  Here is a story of an American musician, gifted concert pianist Barbara Nissman, on her Berlin debut on a cold winter night in 1970.