Aubrey Pankey Links

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin = ADN’s (the German Democratic Republic’s news agency) newspaper clippings file and contemporary newspapers in the Zeitungabteilung at Westhafenstrasse 1, 13353 Berlin were useful in researching this account. Thanks go to the patient and helpful staff.

Follow the signs to the Zeitungabteilung.

Discography – 1953 (?) = Left music includes Aubrey Pankey in 1953 (?) American release.

Unicorn Media FilmInfo = German language film and video site lists Aubrey Pankey’s films.

Visit Suhl = Unofficial website shows Suhl as “Gateway to the Thuringian Forest.”

Durbeck Archive = The Durbeck Archive of Black Classical Music includes an Aubrey Pankey recording on the GDR’s Eterna label.

Pankey sings on line – Strange Fruit = “An operatic version of the admittedly already quite operatic song associated with Billie Holiday. I know nothing about the singer; the 78 came from a market in Paris…” a blogger writes.

Political activity = KeyWiki – not Wikipedia – reproduces a report of a typical Communist-related event of the late 1940’s. Aubrey Pankey was named as a sponsor.

Expulsion from France = Jet magazine for 20 August 1953 reports on the Pankeys’ expulsion from France for political activities.

Other American and British citizens have also chosen to exile themselves, often with sad consequences.

For additional information on Aubrey Pankey’s role in the DEFA “Indianer” film ‘Osceola’ (1971):

Bánhegyi, Anna; Where Marx Meets Osceola: Ideology and Mythology In the Eastern Bloc Western; UMI 3512492  Dissertation Publishing/ProQuest LLC; Ann Arbor, MI; 2012.