Construction in the East

The differences between urban redevelopment between East and West were well known by 1969, so modern construction in the bleak “capital of the German Democratic Republic” attracted attention. Completed in 1969, the Fernsehturm became a familiar landmark of the showpiece Alexanderplatz. As work on it was wrapped up, construction began on the Haus Des Reisens (House of Travel) to add to the international look around the focal point.

Dean Reed – “the Red Elvis”

The fascinating story of Colorado music and film star Dean Reed and his life in East Berlin are recounted in this site.  His fans are determined to put most aspects of his story out for their readers.  By reading about his life and work in the German Democratic Republic, Americans in particular can learn much about life there and compare it with life in this country, at least for the creative community.  There are some parallels with the earlier life in the GDR of American classical singer Aubrey Pankey, whose story is told in these webpages.

The Currywurst Museum

I regret to report that this museum has closed, but this link will give readers a taste of it (sorry, but currywurst always seems to lead to “Berlinerwitze”).

Timetable World

This historic collection of timetables and related texts and graphics includes material on the Berlin military trains and the civilian trains which served both East and West Berlin.


… to be continued.

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