This is just a sampling.

Cold War Pioneers: The U.S. Military Liaison Mission, 1947 – 1990

YouTube video of talk by Dr. Stephen V. Hoyt of Eastern Washington University at the U.S. Army War College.

Berlin, Les sentinelles de la guerre froide –Documentaire France3  — 7 11 2009 TVRIP.

Reportage sur la Mission Militaire Française de Liaison, Forces Françaises à Berlin.

Hour long documentary with many scenes never seen in video before.

Berlin-Zehlendorf – Summer 1971

Catches everyday scenes of life around the American outpost.

Berlin 1969

Produced for the re-activation of the 287th Military Police Company, this series of short topics is organized in newsreel/wochenschau format and shows scenes familiar to the MP’s, but also remembered by Berliners and other GI’s.


Attention travelers! Last station in rhe direction of the Soviet sector.
… to be continued.