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  1. I have found your website to be informative and evocative of my own experience of living in Berlin. My father was stationed there from 1971-74. As such, I can remember many of the sights, sounds, and smells of West Berlin at the time. Thank you for invoking those cherished memories of an elementary school kid (army brat)!

  2. Hi, RW. I was in the 287th from April 1970 through May, 1971. Your name is familiar but I can’t quite place you. Were you a railway MP? If so, I think I remember that the railway guys all roomed together so contact would have been limited. I was in the general group that did motor patrols. Bob Bantle, my roommate was a guard at the stockade which was located over at the McNair Barracks compound. You may or may not remember him.
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures and the video you put together for Berlin 1969 on YouTube. I haven’t seen anyone from my days at the 287th since I left in 1971.
    Alan Smith

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the YouTube videos that I pieced together for the re-activation of the 287th at Fort Riley.

      When you arrived in the 287th I lived in the USCOB Billets, attached to HHC, Spl Trps. We were on the top floor, above Det A. Later in 1970 I moved to the villa at Sven-Hedin Strasse 11. I was around Andrews quite a bit and knew some MP’s from my time with the Rail Transportation Office. Sometimes I ate with the MP’s mess. Some MP’s might remember my train rides from Bremen to Berlin because I had to share some of the delicious, but not refrigerated, food that my German relatives packed on my visits to their farm.

      At BUSMVA reunions the MP’s always get together for a special dinner. We suspect that they tell stories about coping with the rest of us.

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