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Famous (or infamous) since the turn of the last century for its nightlife, Berlin shows the edgy side of its situation -- combined with silent beauty on a still summer night. In the summer of '71 anything might happen next.

Armed with a hodge-podge of information through the mail, GI's stationed in Berlin prepared to vote in local elections held by their home states.

Every Berlin veteran must have a favorite story about taking leave to travel outside of our island city. This one day in the Pyrenees proved to be more interesting than planned, and led to a surprise realization.

 Across an Imagined Border

In July 2002 a Berlin rail transportation veteran returns

to ride the main line of the Cold War from Berlin's city rails to Hannover. A former Reichsbahner invites him to the fuhrerstand. This time, no "delay at Marienborn."

Stories highlighted in yellow were formerly in the discontinued "Rails to Berlin" site or are stories of post-1970's Berlin.

While NASA was putting the first men on the moon, German railroaders were doing something almost as difficult... getting Allied military trains through heavy rail traffic.

Written for today's soldiers.

 Midpoint of the Cold War

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