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The most comprehensive history in English of what U.S. Army Major General Chuck Scanlon (retired) has called "the dawn of modern terrorism." Their story overlaps the time covered in this, the Berlin 1969 website. Their activities were carried out in the neighborhoods we lived in and eventually were directed against the U.S. military forces and dependents.

This document in German from 1980 gives a history of German student radicalism and its interaction with the government and university authorities in Berlin from the 1930's on, providing a complete background for the events of 1968 and the atmosphere that led to the destructive actions of the decade following. It also helps to understand the roots of today's Green Party. My German is not advanced enough to pick up all the nuances, but I have chosen this link because it is well-written from a Left perspective. For students, it provides many names and dates that can be used for further research, from any point of view, even with a limited understanding of German.

East Germany, Detente, and Ostpolitik, 1969-73.

A clipping from M.E. Sarotte's 2001 book covering the same period as this website is available via Google Books. It provides a unique inside look at the Four Power negotiations, the East-West German dialog, and Ostpolitik through the use of file material previously unavailable in the West. The book may be ordered through:

  The Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado

or Powell's New, Used and Out-of-Print Books, Portland, Oregon (as of May 2006, the hardcover edition was out of print).

In English, with some great discussions about the differences between English English, American English, and German, by Alexander Gross, " unrepentant spokesperson for the 'Sixties..." His account ends just before I arrived, and sets the stage (Stage Left, that is) for the period covered by this website. Gross lived in Berlin and knew many of the leading radicals, as well as U.S. officials and Germans on both sides of the Wall. Ironically, readers now may have to plow through a gaudy capitalist WebRing to access it.

 Midpoint of the Cold War

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