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This is the leading institution for both informal education and research about the role of the three Western allies in Berlin in the 1945-1994 period.

Published in 1999, this book by Robert P. Grathwol was published by NYU Press and the link should take you to information on it in Google Books. Its main value is in providing a pictorial survey of Berlin's American military history, with accompanying text. There are minor errors in the text, and it reads as though it was written several years prior to the publication date. However, if you are looking for a general history that would be attractive for a beginner on post-WWII Berlin and the U.S. role there, this book should be on your list.

S. A. Joyce was stationed in the Army in Berlin just before I was, so his well-organized photos provide a tour of the city as it appeared when I arrived.

Reinhard von Bronewski's website in English and German. He served as a Berlin policeman (known as a "GP" working with the U.S. "MP" force) and has written extensively about his work and recollections of the Americans. He offers useful insights from a unique perspective. Since its inception, this site has become a gold mine -- or perhaps one would say a "brass mine" -- of information on the U.S. Army's Berlin Brigade. This has been done by soliciting content from Berlin veterans, friends and families.

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Berliner Heiko Burkhardt has assembled photographs and text, including outstanding links to more information. His site will put my brief (1969-71) era into the overall perspective.

As the five-decade period of Allied involvement in Berlin fades away, interest by Germans has led to the creation of several museum collections and websites. This start-up project is intended to appeal to that interest.

A German's view of the activities and role of the three Western allied powers in post-World War II Berlin through the fall of the Berlin Wall.

 Midpoint of the Cold War

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